The first Republic of Armenia was created due to the heroic battles waged in May of 1918. The Armenian people regained statehood after a 500-year absence. This was a glorious event that, however, took place in one the most difficult periods in Armenian history.

Throngs of refugees, who somehow survived the Armenian Genocide, coupled with rampant disease and starvation, sealed the fate of the first republic.

Armenia was Sovietized on November 29, 1920 and became a part of the Soviet Union two years later. The primary task of the new government was to resolve the issues faced by thousands of western Armenian refugees; most importantly, to guarantee their survival.

Starting in 1921, Soviet Armenian authorities also organized the ‘repatriation’ to the Homeland of Armenians who had found refugee overseas. This process, with various interruptions and levels of success, continued until 1982.